Saturday, March 30, 2013

Downtown Disney

Friday morning we decided to go to Downtown Disney before leaving for our 7 hour drive.  We had a great time shopping there and ate lunch at the Dinosaur restaurant.  So fun!

After lunch it was off to the Lego store...  That was a highlight for Brayden!  Katelyn and I went over to the Disney Store while the boys had fun with the Legos!

All made out of Legos!  Crazy!

Gotta love this!  Nathan's favorite!

Magic Kingdom

Our last full day at the Disney Parks we spent at Magic Kingdom!  I thought it was a great way to end our week...  We started the day off with some of the newest attractions there.  "Belle's house."  You got to take a tour of her home and then meet her and act out some of the scenes from the movie.  Brayden got to be the "Beast" which meant he got to dance with Belle!  He was so cute!

We came out to walk around Belle's village and met Gaston.  He was hilarious with the kids!

We rode the new Little Mermaid ride after Belle and then headed over to the street parade!

This is the one you can get up and dance to when it is over...

Then it was off to ride more rides and see a couple of shows...  

Nathan loved the Peter Pan ride!  The woman managing the ride saw his "First Time" badge and let us get right on the ride again because he loved it so much...  ONLY at Disney right?  Gotta love it!

Then it was time to watch the Princess Parade!  All the characters kept coming over to say "Hi" to us!  I am lucky to have the cutest kids...  They sure attract attention!

Here we go...  Off to ride Pirates of the Caribbean...

This picture cracks me up!  Katelyn and Brayden bought jaw breakers with their own money and sucked on them ALL DAY LONG!  So funny!

Nathan did not want to leave the Pirate store!

After dinner that evening, we had to kill some time before the light parade and the fire work show that night so we waited in line to meet some princesses...  Tangled was so cute and so sweet!

Nathan was very excited about meeting them.  Probably honestly more excited than meeting Mickey Mouse!

By the time we got to Cinderella he was very excited to see her!

She planted a kiss!

Look at that grin!

Here is the evidence!

The light parade that night was AWESOME!  We watched it that night and then Sean and Katelyn rode Space Mountain while the boys and I saved a spot for the firework show...  What a way to end the week!  Nothing like watching TinkerBell fly by and watch the firework show listening to "All Your Dreams Come True!"  We had a great day at Magic Kingdom!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It rained for a bit Wednesday morning so we decided to take it easy and relax.  Daddy had some work to do too.  We went to Epcot around 10:30 and spent a good portion of the day there.  Then we went back to the Condo to swim and have a relaxing evening before our last day.
Here was our adventure at Epcot.

The first ride we went on was the Nemo ride that takes you to their underground aquarium where we saw lots of really cool fish and did "Turtle talk with Crush."  Don't know how they do it, but it is pretty cool!  Then the kids got eaten by a shark for the second time!

Brayden got to help with a Scuba Diving demonstration!

Then it was time to meet Mickey again.  Nathan wanted to see Mickey Mouse at every park!

And Pluto again!

And Minnie Mouse again.  This time Nathan got a kiss from Minnie!

The butterfly exhibit is fun... The fairies all live there!

After we rode Soarin', we walked around the world...  We started with China and watched the Chinese acrobats.  Then we met Mulan!

We went during the flower festival...  Disney sure knows how to do it!

We met Princess Aurora in France...

Nathan had a flower for her...

We met Jasmine and Aladdin in Italy...

Fun afternoon at Epcot!